I am a first year Ph.D. student in Virginia Tch. I received my B.Eng. in Computer Science & Technology from Harbin Institute of Technology and my M.Sc in Computer Science & Technology in Zhejiang University. Now, I am doing Visual Analytics and Crowdsourced Sensemaking research under direction of Dr. North and Dr. Luther.


Vis-Topics   Github   Vedio

Visualization of Topics Derived from Collection of Papers by Topic Model

Vis-LifeStory   Github   Vedio

display the life story of someone, which includes: his/her honors, works etc.

Vis-Karma   Github   Vedio

A cause-effect relation visual analytics: display, insert, edit, delete relations between causes and effects.

Vis-Kingdoms   Github   Vedio

A historical events visualization for users to learn history: the three kingdoms in Chinese history.

Han-Lisp   Github

Han-Lisp is a dialect of Lisp based on Racket. Definitions and expressions in Han-lisp are expressed in Chinese.

Racket-Streem   Github

Streem-Style Syntax in Racket. Streem is a stream based concurrent scripting language made by matz.